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Working of Manual Water Pump

Working of Manual Water Pump –

As I have told you earlier, water is the only matter available at 70 to 75 percent in both our body and also on our mother earth. We need to drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water per day. Not only drinking, water is also used for many purposes. We cannot live without using water. Even when you eat something, you need water to wash the hands or the forks. We need water to drink, bathe, clean, play and many more. Manual hand pumps are very useful to dig the water out from the underwater(earth).

There are many special machines and complex special equipment for taking the water out of the ground. But in many rural areas or at the times when the power is not available, hand water pumps are mostly helpful. This is a very easy process to take the water out of the ground. Even a child can just use the manual water pump and take the water out from the ground. We can find water at many places like rivers, lakes and many more. But when we take out water from the place where we actually live is amazing.

This requires to analyze the depth of water before fixing a manual water pump. Even then we have made a hole and taking the water with the help of bucket or any means that resembles the bucket. But once day, the water cannot be reached by the bucket as it moves down with respect to the temperature outside. This is the reason why the hand water pumps are invented.

manual water pump
The working of the manual water pump is also very easy to understand. The working of the manual water pump resembles the working of an internal combustion engine. I am going to illustrate it with the help of mechanics as it will be very easy to understand the mechanics. Internal combustion engine consists of an inlet valve and an outlet valve along with a cylinder. When the inlet is open, air moves in then the valve gets closed, combustion completes and the outlet valve opens and the gas moves out.

The same way, the manual water pump also consists of two valves. One valve is connected to the underground water and the other valve is open to the top. When the plunger moves up the outlet valve opens and the water comes in. Water will flow from the ground to the cylinder until the plunger moves to the top. Once the plunger moves down or we release the plunger, the water comes out of the other valve that is open to the top. The plunger may be attached to the pulley and may be moved in opposite direction. When the plunger moves down, the water comes in and when the plunger moves up, the water comes out of the valve. For one push or pull of the plunger, you get certain amount of water. If you do on continuously, the water gets its flow and comes as a stream. This is the working of manual water pump.

The main advantage of the manual water pump is that it is available at a very low price and can be installed easily. The problems we get for the use of manual hand pump is also very low.

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