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Working Of Gas Turbine Power Plant

Gas Turbine plant is a type of turbine which produces power with the help of air that has completed combustion. Normally there are two types of plants.

  1. Base Load plants
  2. Peak Load plants.

Base Load plants are the type of plants which gives constant load all over the year, so can be made all over the time of its use.

Peak Load plants are the type of plants which give only peak loads for sometime and then goes off during the time after its capacity.


Gas turbine power plant is a type of peak load plant. it can be used as Base load plant but the continuous power generation causes the life of the gas power plant to reduce. So almost all the times, the Gas turbine power plant is not continuously used.

Working of a Gas Turbine Plant-

Gas Turbine power plant consists of following parts. They are as follows.


  1. Inlet
  2. Exhaust
  3. Combustion chamber
  4. Turbine
  5. Generator
  6. Compressor



The inlet to the gas power plant is used to drive air in to the Gas turbine power plant. Only fresh air is driven into the gas turbine power plant. We can apply dry filters like paper foil and wet filters like paper or cloth dipped in kerosene, petrol or diesel. These filters are air filters and eliminate the impurities present in the air. Due to this the combustion takes place completely without any wastes.



The compressor name itself defines the work done by it. It compressor the air to a greater extent. The purified air is sent to the compressor where it gets compressed to a very high pressure and is sent to the combustion chamber for combustion process to take place.


Combustion Chamber-

The compressed air from the compressor is sent to the combustion chamber. The process of combustion chamber is to do combustion. For combustion, we need a fuel and compressed air. So proper fuel will be mixed in the combustion chamber. The combustion process also depends on the type of fuel used and the quality of fuel used. The fuel may be injected in to the combustion chamber in the form of spray with the help of nozzles. Use of nozzles further increase the speed of fuel to combustion, which increases the efficiency of the combustion.



In the compressor, the air is compressed. In the Combustion chamber, the air is further compressed and heat energy is also added. So this is transferred to the turbine blades with the help of nozzle which is a small opening. The efficiency of the turbine completely depends on the temperature and pressure of the gas coming out from combustion chamber.



In the turbine, the energy of the gas is converted to mechanical energy. In the generator the mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy. This is the only role of the generator in the Gas Turbine Power Plant. This Generator is coupled to the Turbine so the complete efficiency is obtained.



The gases coming out from the turbine cannot be further used for combustion. In an inter connected power plant, it may be further used again. But in this Gas Turbine Power Plant, it is left to the open atmosphere far from the inlet.


This is the working of Gas Turbine Power Plant.

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