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What temperature does aluminum melt?

What temperature does aluminum melt?

Aluminum is a silver type metal which can be found in group 13 in the periodic table. We are talking about the melting of aluminum. It is mostly in the solid state and is mostly used metal for many purposes. Coming to the question, the exact answer is that the melting point of aluminum is mentioned below –

Melting point of aluminum in Fahrenheit scale = 1220.58 F

 Melting point of aluminum in Kelvin scale = 933.47 K      

Melting point of aluminum in Centigrade scale = 660.32 C

This metal is mostly used as it has a good capability of molding. Another advantage of using this metal is that it is non toxic and non magnetic. It does not rust but forms a oxide layer over the metal. So this is a widely used metal.

Aluminum can be melted in many ways using heat and the best method is to heat by using a furnace which is cheapest and best method. This method is also the easiest method of all the methods.

Set up your foundry and make it in such a way that it can withstand very high temperatures. The temperature effect should not pass to the surroundings and to the bottom. So make sure you get the correct equipment. It must withstand the temperature above the melting point of aluminum.

Now place the crucible in which steel have to be placed in the furnace and fill the remaining space with charcoal for better insulation. The furnace must be placed in the center of the furnace where heat is supplied to the most extent.

Fill in the furnace and close it as tightly as you can so that it is isolated. Now insert the blower tube and light the foundry. Make sure all the process mentioned is correct and no problems or errors occur. Make the fire in the furnace comes and wait until it comes to 122 Fahrenheit or above.

The crucible turns orange or light red in color, now place the aluminum in the crucible and close the furnace. The aluminum can be any form.

But the melting time of aluminum depends on the type of the aluminum and the shape of the aluminum and also the size of the aluminum. Try to add enough aluminum bars or pieces but not many pieces so that all the aluminum pieces will be melted.

If you want the aluminum pieces to be melted with more precise, then add the aluminum pieces as slow as you can and close the furnace. The slower you add the aluminum pieces, the better you get the melting of aluminum. The speed of adding of aluminum is inversely proportional to better melting of aluminum.

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