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What metals are magnetic?

What metals are magnetic?

First of all what is a magnet?

A Magnet is an object or any material that releases out magnetic fields. The magnetic field produced by the magnets are not visible but can be noted by placing magnetic substances or objects at them. A magnet can attract the magnets and also the metals that are magnetic.

What is a metal?

As per the exact information available on wiki, a metal is a material that is composed of molecules other than hydrogen and helium. Not all the metals are magnetic.

The complete magnetic metals are four in number. They are as follows

  1.  Iron
  2.  Nickel
  3. Cobalt
  4. Manganese

The above metals are considered magnetic metals. There are even some other metals like silver, aluminum and gold as magnetic. Usually, the metals silver, aluminum and gold are non magnetic. But sometimes they can be changed in to magnetic metals. You can test the magnetic effect as it shows slight positive or negative change when exposed to a magnetic field.

What metals are magnetic?

The elements that does not show any magnetic field of attraction or repulsion ( negative effect ) towards the magnet are known as Diamagnetic substances.

Examples of Diamagnetic substances –     Hydrogen, Graphite, Diamond, Bismuth.

The elements that show slight magnetic field of attraction towards the magnet are known as Paramagnetic substances.

Examples of Paramagnetic substances –   Aluminum, Oxygen and Tin.

The elements that show complete magnetic field of attraction towards the magnet are known as Ferromagnetic substances.

Examples of Ferromagnetic substances –  Iron, Cobalt, Manganese and Nickel.

Almost all the magnets are made from only the four mentioned metals in the Ferromagnetic group namely Iron, Cobalt, Manganese and Nickel. All these metals alloys are used in the preparation of magnets. These alloys mixed with rare earth metals create the best magnets in the world.

There are magnets with high field of attraction and low field of attraction. The magnets with high field of attraction will be used in industries and cannot be used in household applications. All the magnets with low field of attraction will be used in both industrial and household requirements. The high power magnets may or may not lose power but the low power magnets may become non magnetic and have no effect on magnets. This is because of the misalignment problems in the metals.

We can even magnetize a needle or a pin by rubbing it continuously against a magnet. The pin acts as a magnet for some time as shown in the iron man 3 movie flight scene.

Uses of a Magnet

  1. Magnets are used in the construction of electrical motors and generators. The main advantage of magnetic field is that it converts the electrical energy in to mechanical energy and vice versa.
  2.  They are used in the manufacturing of speakers. The higher the weight of the magnet, the higher is the sound quality.
  3.  They are also used in manufacturing of electrical bells.
  4.  They are used in the cranes for lifting heavy machinery of magnetic effect.
  5.  They are used as holders for iron walls or substances.

There are many uses of magnets. These are some of the uses of magnets.

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