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What Is Steel Fabrication ?

What Is Steel Fabrication

Now a days Every structure is being constructed by the high quality metals and materials. The properties to be possessed by the metal are as follows –

  1.  Good Formability
  2.  Excellent Durability
  3. Good Tensile and Yield strength
  4. Resistance to corrosion

steel fabrication

The requirement of the metals used mostly for the construction and other purposes are Good thermal conductivity, good toughness and adaptability.

The only metal that has all the properties mentioned above is Steel.

We can observe steel in almost everything we use. A car frame or shell is completely made of high strength steel. Many steel alloys are used for the preparation of aircraft parts. Steel Fabrication comes under manufacturing engineering but is very important to all the categories of engineering.

Steel Fabrication is the production of steel or manufacturing of steel in different methods. There are usually two methods for the steel fabrication.

  1.  Raw Material Approach
  2. Electric Arc Furnace

Raw material Approach

This method is very simple and reliable. All the steel material is heated to a very high temperature until it reaches the melting temperature. The melting temperature of steel varies from 1370 degrees centigrade to 1510 degrees centigrade. This variation is only because of the impurities present in the steel. Once they are heated to the above temperature, the steel melts down completely. The other materials that are to be mixed with steel are also melted and mixed with the steel. This is one of the method of steel fabrication. The other materials are mixed to ensure the good strength and toughness to the prepared material. When the metal or material is composed of steel alone, it will have less strength when compared to the previous material.

Electric Arc Furnace

This method is much easier than the previous method and completes very quick. The raw steel is completely made to pass to a furnace and melted down. When this mixture is combined with some other materials, steel is fabricated. Almost all the processes for the fabrication of steel comes under this method.

Steel fabricators usually transform basic sections to fabricated and massive beams and columns for building on site. These steel materials must overcome many problems they face with the size. They are usually drilled with holes to keep them bolted or fixed easily but this is never a part of steel fabrication. The main aim of steel fabrication is to ensure strength and reliability for the complex part or material that is used on the site. Many software’s relating to design and others are used for the fabrication process of any metal or material. For this sophisticated work, only the men with low errors ( Engineers with high precision ) are preferred.

Considering the entire world, China stands in the first place in the production of raw steel. Undoubtedly, it also stands in the first place in the consumption of steel.

Steel fabrication has also been a different study and it has its own certification program. All the engineering students are helpful for the steel fabrication ranging from the hardcore mechanicals to stuffed computer science students.

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