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what is a Frame and chassis ? Difference between Frame and chassis

Frame and Chassis are the major parts of an automobile that shows off the structure and body. We can now talk about those in depth and gain complete knowledge about the Chassis and Frame. Many people get confused about these and think as both the chassis and frame are same but they really are not.


What is a Frame?

A Frame is the main part of the Chassis of an automobile. All the parts and components are fastened to the Frame. Most of the cars and buses use frames but now a days, many cars and other automobiles have shifted their design to uni body construction, which makes it a better move than the fixings.

what is a frame


What is a Chassis?

A Chassis is a frame like structure which is present in any vehicle. The main purpose of the chassis is the accommodation of various parts related to the automobile like engine, brakes, steering, tiers, axles and many more. The determination and analysis on chassis is the crucial part which helps to know the strength and durability of the automobile as a whole. The Chassis is considered as the back bone of the automobile supporting all the parts.

In traditional style vehicles, the chassis and the frame are both the same.

what is chassis


In simple words, a Frame is a covering of the automobile but the Chassis is the base of all the parts mounted on the automobile. There are usually two types of bodies for the automobiles. The first type of body is the Body on Frame and the second type of body is the Uni body.

The brackets are provided at the longitudinal members so as to mount the parts with ease. The longitudinal members present in the automobile are fixed and adjusted with the Cross members. They are fitted with the help of bolts or rivets. They must be designed in such a way that the body is completely balanced without having a change in the weight balance. The longitudinal members are up faced at the start and end but the cross members are at normal position. The height variations are only due to the problems caused by low frame height and also to provide springing space at the time of the drive.

The frame when observed from the top, decreases its width from start to end, so as to ensure the better steering lock. Rubber blocks are used for the fittings of engine to the automobile. The usage of rubber blocks is only to ensure that the heat developed at the engine does not tend to exist and also to eliminate the stresses and pressure to the engine at the time of road shocks. These are helpful for eliminating the engine sound and vibration to be experienced with the person driving in the vehicle.

The number of longitudinal members and cross members decides the strength and stability. The longitudinal members are usually 2 in number and the cross members are usually 5 to 7 in number. Not only these types of fittings, but also diagonal cross bracings are also used. This usually delivers high torsional rigidity.

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