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What is energy ? Different forms of energy

Energy is a term that is generally the property of an object which cannot be changed but can only be transferred from one body to another body. The ability of an object to do work is only due to the presence of internal energy and its conversion of internal energy to energy of other related terms. Everything in the universe is directly or indirectly inter linked to the energy. Nothing is possible without energy.


Basic example– Even humans cannot walk if he does not have even a small amount of energy. Energy is of many types. Some main types of energies are as follows.


 Kinetic Energy

The energy of a moving car is Kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is the type of energy that involves with the motion of the particle. When a tank of water is considered and a tap is kept open, the Potential Energy of the water is usually converted, where the water is in movement.

Kinetic Energy formula =   KE

where m = mass of the object.

v = velocity of the object.


Potential Energy-

The energy of a ball thrown in an inclined position and when the ball is at the top. The Potential Energy of the ball is only from the conversion of Kinetic Energy of the ball at the surface with which the ball gets upward motion vertically or at an inclined position.

Potential Energy formula = mgh

m = mass of the object

g= Earth’s acceleration due to gravity

h = Height of the object from the ground


Mechanical Energy-

Mechanical Energy is nothing but the whole sum of Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy. It is usually macroscopic in nature. A ball will have mechanical energy when it is thrown from a player.

Mechanical Energy = Kinetic Energy + Potential Energy


Chemical Energy-

Chemical Energy is the form of energy that is contained in all the molecules or atoms. For instance, when a reaction takes place there may be some absorption of heat energy or some emission of heat energy. This liberated energy is known as Chemical Energy.


Chemical Energy = Energy Liberated or Energy absorbed during the reaction of Chemicals.


Electrical Energy-

Electrical Energy is caused only due to the effect of movement of electrons. This is also a form of Kinetic Energy. When the electric charge is higher, the speed of the electron moving will also be higher.

Electric Energy is directly proportional to the speed of the electron.


Magnetic Energy-

Gravitational energy is universal energy. the similar type of energy is the Magnetic Energy that acts only on the Ferrous materials. Magnetic energy is directly related to Electrical Energy by Maxwell’s Equations. Any change in an electric field also causes the change in magnetic field. The same way, any change in magnetic field causes a change in electric field.


Radiant Energy-

Radiant energy is the energy that is transferred through electro magnetic waves and gravitational waves. About 3 weeks earlier, we have observed Gravitational waves which is a type of Radiant Energy.


Nuclear Energy-

Nuclear Energy is the energy that is caused due to the fusion or fission reactions. Conversion of Hydrogen to Helium or conversion of Helium to Hydrogen releases Nuclear Energy. We can observe Nuclear Energy in the Sun where it continuously emits energy. After the fuel in it is complete, it stops and turns into a black hole after a big explosion. It will take many billions of years for the completion of fuel.

This is known as Nuclear Energy or Nuclear Binding Energy.


Thermal Energy-

Thermal Energy is nothing but the Heat energy present in a particular object. It is also the internal energy present in any object. The human body also consists of some internal energy, i.e. Heat Energy.

This also depends on both Kinetic and Potential energy.


These are the different types of energies.

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