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Types of Welding Joints

Types of Welding Joints –

A welding joint is a place where two or more pieces of metal are combined together. The material may be plastic or metal and the welding type depends on the material too. It is said to be a welding joint if at least two pieces are joined and a maximum of any number of pieces. We do welding in the engineering labs. Welding is a process where a material gets heated to joint two other materials. For example, when two pieces of iron metal is to be combined, welding is used. It involves a material connected to power supply through which it gets diminished and make a rigid joint for the two iron pieces. The welding must be done too slow, such that the joining of the two metals must be so strong.

There are basically five types of welding joints. They are as follows –

  1. Butt Joint – A butt joint is the most common of all the welding joints and also the easiest to use. First the two pieces must be placed side to side and cleaned properly. The two pieces must be placed closely and welding must be done slowly. If the pieces are large, welding must be done on both sides. This is known as Butt Joint.
  2. Corner Joint – A corner joint is made when the two corners of the work pieces are welded together. The two work pieces must be cleaned and placed in such a way that they are perpendicular to each other and joint at the corner. Then welding must be done on both sides, i.e., both on the interior side and also on the exterior side. Corner joint s not commonly used as its efficiency does not exceeds the Butt joint. This is most commonly used in sheet metal industry.
  3. Edge Joint – Edge joint is made when the both the work pieces over lap and when one edge is welded. Edge joint requires the work pieces to be cleaned completely and place one on another. One edge is considered and welded only at one edge. This is known as Edge joint. This is not commonly employed as it has many disadvantages.
  4. Lap Joint – Lap joint is a type of welding joint in which the two work pieces are place one on each other but not completely overlapped. Let us say, it can be placed as it covers half of the work piece. The welding must be done on both the sides of the both work pieces. This is most commonly practiced by the students as it gives the complete idea of how welding works. When the strength is considered, it is more and so this may be considered the best one.
  5. Tee Joint – This resembles the corner joint but the welding will not be done at the corner. The welding will be done at the center as if the two pieces were welded to form a T shape. So this joint is known as T joint. Even for this joint, the welding must be done on both the sides to give more strength.

These are the different types of Welding joints.

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