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Different Types Of Hings


A Hinge is a type of bearing that is used to connect two objects which has a specific angle of rotation and specific degrees of freedom. Two objects are connected to a hinge on either sides and both of them are capable of movement. Usually, one object attached to the hinge is fixed and the other object is movable. Hinges are made up of different materials but are made very flexible to impart smooth movement for the components.

There are many different types of hinges. They are as follows-


  1. Butt hinge-

A Butt hinge is made up of usually made up of two or more sets of frames and must be fed with four to six nuts for the complete fixture. Most of the hinges of this type are generally found in housing both internal doors and external doors. The materials mostly used for this hinge are brass, aluminum, stainless steel so as to prevent the corrosion at any temperature. A Butt hinge is also known as Mortise hinge.

Butt hinge


  1. Butterfly hinge-

A Butterfly hinge is made up of same materials as that of butt hinge but the butterfly hinges tend to be more attractive both by the design and also by the appearance. These are mostly used in United Kingdom Parliament and Queen’s doors.

Butterfly hinge


  1. Barrel Hinge-

A Barrel hinge consists of the attachment of two barrel structures connected to form a hinge. These two barrels are interconnected by means of a joint bearing, with which the parts have very free movement. The lower parts of the hinges are threaded so as to enable the fixing to a screw roll or to a wooden chuck. The hole can also be pre drilled hole.

Barrel Hinge


  1. Continuous Hinge-

A continuous hinge consists of a set of pairs of separate hinges, attached together to form a large and lengthy hinge. These type of hinges are used for drop boxes, briefcases, carriages and many types of shelves. The Continuous hinges are also known as Piano hinges.

There are two types of continuous hinges.

  1. Continuous hinges with holes
  2. Continuous hinges without holes

Continuous Hinge

  1. Concealed Hinge-

A hinge that is not visible to the naked eye is known as Concealed hinge. Any material is visible to the eye but when it is concealed in the wood, it is invisible. These types of hinges are known as Concealed hinges. These were first implemented in europe for adjusting the chair height. A chair with invisible adjustment system is the best example for Concealed hinge. This Concealed hinge is also known as Cup hinge as it is concealed in a cup like structure. And it is also known as Euro hinge as it is first introduced in Europe.

Concealed Hinge


  1. Strap Hinge-

A Strap hinge is the first developed hinge with less or no development in its kind. These are also used for exterior and interior doors.

Strap Hinge


There are many other types of hinges, but are not in use now a days. These are the different types of hinges with divisions.

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