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Rare Earth Magnets

Rare Earth Magnets –

Rare Earth Magnets are special type of magnets, which completely differs from the original magnets other than magnetism. All the rare earth magnets are very strong and flexible permanent magnets which are usually made of alloys of special elements. The elements that must be used in this manufacturing of rare earth magnets are rare earth metals or elements. The rare earth elements are mostly in the Lanthanide series, Scandium and Yttrium. The rare earth magnets were first developed in the 1970’s. The rare earth magnets are the strongest permanent magnets that were ever manufactured.

The magnetic field is measured in teslas and the magnetic field produced by these rare earth magnets may exceed 1.4 teslas.

The ferrite magnets will only produce 0.6 to 1 tesla which is very less when compared to rare earth magnets.

There are two types of Rare Earth Magnets –

  1.  Neodymium magnets
  2.  Samarium – Cobalt magnets

Rare earth magnets are very brittle and may also be vulnerable to corrosion. They must be always plated and coated with some other corrosion repellent agent.

  •  Neodymium magnets –

These magnets were introduced in 1980’s. These Neodymium magnets are most affordable magnets and are the strongest magnets. These are usually made of neodymium, boron and iron. These magnets are named as NIB – neodymium, iron and boron. These type of magnets are mostly used in all the applications namely in electric motors, hard disc drives, jewelry clasps and door handle clips.

These magnets possess the property of Connectivity, which makes these magnets magnetically stable without any deviation in the magnetic fields. These have higher strength to avoid corrosion than the Samarium – Cobalt magnets. There is a low chance of corrosion for these magnets but can be avoided by using the coatings of gold, zinc, tin and zinc.

  •  Samarium – Cobalt magnets –

These are the first type of rare earth magnets that were discovered. Samarium – Cobalt magnets are used very less in all the applications as they are very high in price. Though these magnets are high in price, the magnetic field and magnetic force possessed by these magnets is very low. The only reason for the usage of Samarium – Cobalt magnets is because of its higher curie temperature. They are more resistant to oxidation, degradation, chipping and cracking.

  • Applications of the rare earth magnets –
  1. These are generally used in computer hard disc drives.
  2. These are used in generators that are run by wind turbine.
  3. These are used in high power speakers like loud speakers and headphones.
  4. These are used in bicycle dynamos.
  5. These are mostly used in high power AC servo motors.
  6. These are used in starter generators installed in both the hybrid and electric vehicles.
  7. These magnets are generally used in flashlights that are powered mechanically.
  8. These magnets have many industrial uses like product quality control, product purity control, equipment protection and manufacturing stability.
  9. These are used for levitation that can be produced by the negative effect.
  10. Roller coasters and other thrill rides are functioned with the help of these magnets.
  11.  Many toys are manufactured with these magnets.
  12. Many electric guitars are manufactured with these magnets.

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