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parts of an airplane

Parts Of An Airplane

An airplane can be defined as a completely fixed wing aircraft that uses propellers, engines and other parts for the movement of an airplane in the air. As we talk about the airplane, the first one we get into our mind is the fighter airplane P-51 Mustang. This was invented during the time’s of World War – II.

The Wright brothers after many trials and errors invented the airplane in the year 1903. There are plans that are driven by the pilot and the planes that are automatic. The automatically driven planes are modern planes and the manually driven planes are conventional planes.


Parts of Airplane-

An airplane consists of 12 main parts. The parts and its functioning are as follows-

1. Cockpit-
The cockpit is a primary part which is located at the front of the airplane. All the commands are given from this cockpit and even the controls are given from this cockpit.

2. Fuselage-
The fuselage is a part that joins or holds things together. They also carry some payload. Fuselage combines cockpit and the remaining part of the plane. This also helps to transmit signals to other parts of the plane.

3. Turbine Engines-
Turbine engines function is to generate thrust for the airplane during the time of flight. The weight of an airplane must be as low as possible for easy functioning. There are two turbine engines on an airplane. One on the left and other on the right.

4. Wings-
Wings are attached to the sides of the airplane. These are used to generate enough lift to the airplane. Wings consist of Slats, Spoiler, Aileron, Flaps, and Winglet.

5. Winglet-
Winglets are used to decrease the drag of the airplane.They are very helpful during the time of flight.

6. Slats-
Slats are used to increase the lift of the airplane. Slats are present on the upper part of the wings.

7. Spoilers-
We see spoilers for some cars like Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc.. The Spoilers are located in the middle left part of the wing and are only and solely used to change the lift, drag, and roll.

8. Aileron-
Aileron is used to change the role in the flight of an airplane. They are located on both the wings of the airplane.

9. Flaps-
The wing is used to generating lift, whereas the flaps are used to increase the lift and the drag of an airplane.

10. Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizer-
A Horizontal Stabilizer is equipped so as to control the pitch and a Vertical Stabilizer is equipped so as to control the Yaw. These are primarily to stabilize the plane in the flight.

11. Rudder-
A Rudder is employed on vertical stabilizer which helps to change the Yaw. It is employed on vertical stabilizer as it controls yaw.

12. Elevator-
An elevator is employed on horizontal stabilizer which helps to change the pitch. it is employed on horizontal stabilizer as it controls pitch.

These are the parts of an airplane.

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