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Different Types of Bolts and Their Uses

types of bolts

Different Types of Bolts and Their Uses Many people often get confused for a bolt, screw, and a stud. The rod made with threads and a head is known as Bolt and the tip closes alongside with the nut. A screw is an externally threaded rod which can be inserted …

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Brake Pads and Rotors

Brake Pads are common components of disc brakes mostly used in automobiles and other applications. Brake pads are made of steel that back fitted with plates with friction material which faces the disc brake rotor. The basic function of a Brake Pad is to convert the kinetic energy of the …

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This is a valve mechanism for piston engines. Sleeve-valve engines were used in the most number of luxury cars during the World War – 2 and also in the United States. They were not being used as further technology advances in poppet valve technology. The design of sleeve valve engine …

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Major causes of water pollution

Causes of Water Pollution – Our earth consists of more than 75% of water bodies. Even our body is composed of more than 75 % of water. This water is being polluted by many ways and those are discussed in the current post. There are different causes of water pollution. …

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Working Of a Pelton Turbine

Now it’s time for you guys to know all about Pelton Turbine. A Pelton Turbine is generally known as Pelton Wheel Turbine, which is generally a tangential Impulse Turbine. Older Turbines used water inefficiently. Pelton Wheel made it to extinction. In approximately 1800’s Pelton was granted patent rights because of …

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Working of Manual Water Pump

manual water pump

Working of Manual Water Pump – As I have told you earlier, water is the only matter available at 70 to 75 percent in both our body and also on our mother earth. We need to drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water per day. Not only drinking, …

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shell and tube exchanger

SHELL AND TUBE HEAT EXCHANGER – A Heat exchanger is an exchanger design used to transfer or swap the heat from one matter to the other. Shell and tube heat exchanger is also a type of heat exchanger and it comes to its one of its designs. This shell and …

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How Nuclear Power Plants Work ?

nuclear power plant

What is a nuclear power plant ? Atomic energy is the cheapest form of energy and is the next generation power. Nuclear power plants use atomic energy. Nuclear Power Plants are thermal power stations which generate electrical energy from heat. They consist of many buildings and facilities. There are many …

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