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Lock Out Tag Out


When a system emits some energy, that complete system must be given care in all the matters including the space provided, ventilation, tidiness, environment and its surroundings. Lock out is a term used in Canadian standards which is for the control of Hazardous Energy. Lock out is the place at which lock is placed at the system so that the system is completely isolated with no escaping energy. This energy is known for hazardous energy. If the lock out is placed for an equipment or for a system, no energy escapes from it and is completely in safe mode. The locking device may be of any type but the only reason that is concerned here is the energy allowance.


After lock out process is complete, tag out is done. Tag out is a labelling process that is used as an indicator or a measure to the user following the instructions for the lock out. The Tag out may include the reason of the lock out like repair or maintenance, time period of the lock out, time at which the lockout has been placed, the name of the authorized person who fetched and attached the lock and tag to the system.

Lock out and Tag out is used primarily for safety purposes. If the system working is defective and must be reviewed it will be locked out and tagged out to prevent the use of the system. This is also to protect the workers working at that system and to prevent the failure of the system.

There must be separate written documents for the lock out and tag out of any system or any equipment. The document must be paper work and must provide all the reasons like the exact reason for isolation, how the lock out devices are installed, when the lock out devices are installed and where the lock out devices are installed. It must also contain the process how the equipment or system will be de-energized and controlled, and again put the system in to work. A Separate organization will be employed to look after all the procedures.

Steps for lockout and tag out –

  1.  Preparing the system for shutdown
  2.  Notify all the affected employees
  3.  Prepare the equipment for shutdown
  4.  Isolation of system for hazardous energy
  5.  Dissipation of stored energy
  6.  Lock out / Tag out
  7.  Isolation Verification
  8.  Performing the maintenance on the system
  9.  Remove Lock out / Tag out devices


Many people are responsible for the lock out and tag out program.

  1.  Management is responsible for looking out the system all the time from the time of lock out to its removal. They must provide necessary equipment, measuring devices and monitoring systems.
  2.  Supervisors are responsible for ensuring the lock out without any handling of the system except for the maintenance and repair. Only completely trained employees must be set to work and safety measures must be taken.
  3.  Employees are responsible for their work done on the system, their active role in the development, following all the procedures and reporting any problems they face to the supervisors, so also to the management.

These are the complete details for Lockout / Tagout.

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