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How to drill out a lock ?

How to drill out a lock?
Lock Drilling is the last option chosen by the people after trying all the many possible ways. Please be aware that drilling a lock will completely destroy the lock and cannot be used for further locking. Even though the mechanism looks working, the main locking function does not work and is completely obsolete. Follow the steps to drill out a lock.

  1. First examine the lock completely. Some locks have middle pins or center pins and some locks have hardened side steel pin. In foreign countries like the USA, UK and more, the type of lock used for building and doors is center pins. They look like a screwdriver and can be used easily. Some other lock types like hardened side steel pin will be used in countries like China, India and more. Before proceeding further, disable any locks or alarm functions integrated with it.
  2. Find the proper equipment. There are many types of drilling machines and many types of drill bits with different sizes. If the lock is medium and you use a large drill, it will be tough. If the lock is medium and the drill you use is small, the lock does not get opened. So make sure in the beginning which type of equipment to be used and which type of equipment suits the lock you are trying to open. Never try to open it by hand or any hammer as it sometimes causes the lock to be tightened.
  3. Start the machine and try to drill it small and firm. Don’t overdo as it causes many further problems with the drilling. The machine may go wrong or the lock may have turned its position. Be very cautious while drilling the lock as you are handling with an electric machine.
  4. Try to hammer with a center punch just above the keyhole so that it may become easy to drill. To drill just at the key point is a bit hard. If you make a small space at the top of the keyhole, it will be easy and smart to drill.
  5. Try to drill at the same point where you first started and keep on drilling until you go to the other side of the door. If it is a door, make sure until it pops out of the door. If it is a machine or other, just get an idea to which extent the lock may be grilled.
  6. Make it slow and easy. First, try drilling by using a smaller drill bit. After drilling through the lock slowly, then try to drill again using a larger drill bit than you have used previously.
  7. Now try to open the lock by using the flat headed screw as it will resemble the key. If it is not accessible, then try to start with small drill bits and go on to large drill bits until you are able to open the lock.


Caution –

Don’t touch the drill bits by hand as they will be very hot. Sometimes, they may even turn into burning red hot.

Always be careful as you are dealing with electricity.

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