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How do water towers work ?

How do water towers work?

What is a water tower?

A water tower is a place where water is stored at some height so that it is available for some useful purposes. These will be very helpful in the times of emergencies.

Have you ever ran into the wash room and found out that your tap runs out of water? If yes, you have a water failure and if no, you have a continuous municipal supply. This can be easily defined as the water in the over head tanks we have in our terrace. We use pump system to supply the tank with water and as soon as we run out of water or come to a level the water is not usable, we turn on the pump power supply.

Why can not the water tower be on the ground?

The water pressure is very important as it is responsible for the force of the water that comes from your tap. The water at the ground contains kinetic energy. When the water is pumped to the top, the kinetic energy of the water is converted into potential energy. Again when the water comes down, the potential energy is converted to kinetic energy and the force in the water is observed. Each foot tall of the water tower gives and overall pressure of 0.44 pounds per square inch (PSI). When it comes to hilly areas, the water can be located even on the ground as it is located at some certain height.

Working of a Water Tower –

A water tower is located at some certain height. We all have a question of how does the water come to the water towers. Water is purified in the water treatment plant and is sent to the water tower. The water from a river or lake is treated and sent to the water towers. Water towers are located at some height and so a pump is required to pump the water up to the water tower. The pump may be a high lift pump which gives pressure to the water that helps in the movement of the water to the water tower. Water is stored in the tank. This is also connected to the direct water supply. When there is an excess use of water, the water flows continuously to the customers. But when there is low consumption of water, the water gets automatically stored in the overhead tank, i.e., in the water tower. There are many different shapes and sizes of water towers.

The water towers can be seen in many video games and many movies. For example, in the Prototype game, when you go to the roof tops of buildings, you see water towers. There are many benefits of water towers to be employed. All the small towns have their water towers and big towns have separate water towers in their buildings. If there is any fire accident, the water can be easily utilized without waiting for the emergency water supplies.
The water tower will also be cleaned to reduce the affect of bacteria in water. Peachoid is a large water tower and also well known water tower located in Gaffney, South Carolina. This is a massive peach shaped water tower and is considered more than a water tower.

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