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Working Of Hand Water Pump

A Hand Pump is a mechanical device that uses manual work or operation to pump water or any fluid. Hand pumps are usually observed for pumping under water to the surface of the floor. It is designed in such a way that a human can use this pump and lift the water up from about 50 meters depth. If the depth is larger than 50 meters, then instead of human, any device must be established for fast pumping of the pump.

A Hand pump mainly consists of following parts.

hand pump

1. Force Rod
A force rod is a rod made of iron, which is handled by the user for pumping operation. The force rod is directly attached to the piston rod.

2. Piston Rod
A piston rod is a rod inside the cylinder, which helps in the upward and downward movement of the water in the cylinder.

3. Piston
A piston is directly attached to the piston rod and can be seen from the figure shown. It is the major part contributing to the water lifting upwards.

4. Check Valve
A check valve is connected to the piston, which helps to maintain required level of water in the cylinder. Check valves are also safety valves for the proper functioning of hand pumps.

5. Check Valve at the bottom
A check valve is also present at the bottom of the cylinder, i.e., at the water suction line. This also helps to regulate and maintain the water level.

6. Water
Hand pump must be employed where sufficient amount of water is available. If there is no water available, it is of no use employing the hand pump at that place.

7. Water Suction line
This is a tube-like structure that helps in transferring the water from bottom to the cylinder.

8. Water Outlet
The water outlet is present through which the pumped water from the sump is moved upwards. This water is used for all purposes. This can also be used for drinking purposes but must be checked and examined thoroughly before drinking.

These are the parts in the Hand Pump and also the working of the Hand Pump is described in these parts.

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