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ElectroMagnetic Braking System

Electro Magnetic Braking System

What do you know about electromagnetic braking system? It is a braking system that normally uses magnetic power to stop or decrease the speed of the rotation of the wheel. The first idea to develop electromagnetic brakes came only with the demerits and disadvantages of heat dissipation and calliper stresses. On the other hand, electromagnetic brakes completely rely on magnetic power to move the parts in the braking system.

The principle indulged in this type of braking system is if in a rotating disc, a magnetic field is induced, then the other side it produces eddy currents in the disc itself. These Eddy currents generated will be helpful in the opposition of the rotation or movement of the disc brake.


electro magnetic breaking sysytem

The major parts of the electromagnetic braking system are as follows-


1. Discs-
Disc type of brakes can only be used to employ the electromagnetic braking system. The discs are employed with a solenoid, which can be used for the reduction of speed of the wheel.
The thickness of disc brake must be 1 mm thick and must be made of steel.


2. Solenoid-
The solenoid is only to measure the angular velocity of the wheel. In electromagnetic braking system, we use Parker Skinner Valve Solenoid which gives accurate results for an electromagnetic braking system.


3. Step down transformer-
A step-down transformer is used in the electromagnetic braking system. In a step-down transformer, the secondary voltage is less than the primary voltage induced in the respective winding.


4. Circuit Board-
A circuit board is used in this electromagnetic braking system which helps to convert AC to DC supply.


5. Battery-
A battery is also an electric device that is helpful in supplying the battery’s power to the electromagnetic braking system. One entire segment of this electromagnetic braking system consists of magnetic power and the other segment consists of electric power, i.e., from the battery.


A Gyroscope can also be used to automatically apply the electromagnetic brakes without the help of the user. This helps to detect the angle at which the vehicle is during the motion and apply brakes accordingly.


There is another simplest way of an electromagnetic braking system. Arrange some amount of two permanent magnets to be mounted on the disc brake corresponding to a stationary copper coil. You could easily engage and disengage the brake just by closing the coil. This is another effective way of an electromagnetic disc braking system.

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