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Different Types Of Motion

Before going to know the types of motions, you need to know about motion. A motion is nothing but a change in position of an object with respect to any other object or with respect to time. We classify motion in many terms namely distance which is a scalar quantity, displacement which is a vector quantity, acceleration (m/s^2) , time and speed.

For a body to be in motion, there are 2 laws of motions to be considered. They are classical mechanics and Quantum Mechanics.

  1. Classical Mechanics

Classical mechanics is based on the Newton’s laws of motion.

F= m*a

F= Force

m= Mass

a= Acceleration


  1. Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics is the detailed explanation of motion in the terms of subatomic particles like electrons and protons.


Different types of motions

  1. Simple Harmonic motion

simple harmonic motion is a periodic motion in which the force which gets restored is directly proportional to the displacement and that usually acts in the opposite direction to the displacement. Simple and basic example of simple harmonic motion is a bob suspended from a point that is attached with the help of a string. When it is applied small force, it moves from one end position to other end position and continuously keeps moving on for sometime until it reaches Equilibrium position. The equilibrium position is nothing but the initial rest position the bob remained.


Examples of Simple Harmonic Motion

  1. Mass on a spring
  2. Uniform Circular Motion
  3. Mass of a Simple pendulum
  4. Scotch yoke


  1. Anharmonicity

It is the continuous and exact deviation of simple harmonic motion. An oscillation that denies the simple harmonic motion is known as An harmonic motion.


An atom, which has of a positively charged nucleus with a surrounding electronic cloud that is negatively charged.


  1. Periodic Motion

A Periodic motion is a type of motion which occurs at regular intervals. Simple Harmonic Motion is always a Periodic motion but Periodic motion is not always Simple Harmonic Motion.



  1. The seconds hand, Minutes hand and Hours hand of the clock.
  2. Periodic Rotation of the Moon with respect to the Earth.


  1. Non Periodic or Random Motion

Random motion is nothing but the type of motion which does not have a particular time period or that does not follows periodic motion.

                   Example– A cricket ball that is hit by a batsman.


  1. Linear motion

A linear motion is a type of motion that follows a straight path without any curves or bends. Without any force acting on it, it tends to move in a straight line. This is known as Linear Motion.


                   Example- A rolling ball in a straight line.


  1. Reciprocating Motion-

Reciprocating Motion is nothing but the repetitive motion of linear motion. When a ball continues to move up and down continuously from one point to another point, it is known as Reciprocating motion.


                Example- Piston in an Internal Combustion Engine.


  1. Brownian Motion

Brownian Motion is nothing but the random and uneven movement of particles.


              Example- The random movement of atoms or particles in the atmosphere.


  1. Circular Motion

Circular motion is the movement of objects in a circular position with respect to a center.

It consists of two types of motions.

  1. Uniform Circular Motion.
  2. Non-Uniform Circular Motion



  1. Movement of Planets around the Sun.
  2. Movement of Moon around the Earth.


  1. Rotary Motion

Rotary motion is a type of motion of the objects with respect to its fixed center. It depends on Translation and Rotation of the object.



  1. A bob spun around which is tied to a fixed center.


  1. Curvilinear Motion

It is nothing but the motion or movement of an object in a curved path.



  1. A ball thrown from a tall building.


  1. Rolling Motion

When the object rolls in the movement, that type of motion is known as Rolling motion.


            Example– A wheel of a bicycle.


  1. Combination Motion-

The combination of any two or three types of motions mentioned above is known as Combination Motion.

            Example– A football in a football match.

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