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Different Types Of Hammers

Types Of Hammers

A Hammer is a basic Mechanical tool which delivers huge impact on use. There are many other definitions of a hammer. Basically, a hammer is a tool which can be used in physical works, a heavy metal mounted to the ends of the handle. Usually we use many types of hammers in our daily life without knowing those names. Each hammer has its own name and a particular effect or use. All of these hammers vary in size, shape, material, design and other parameters. This post is all about different types of hammers and its uses.

There are a total of 23 types of hammers which we use in our daily life and also in special works. They are described and illustrated below


Traditional Curved Claw hammer

Traditional Curved Claw hammer

A Claw hammer is a tool mostly used by carpenters for dumping nails into woods and also removing from the woods. It is usually used in woods but it is not entirely or completely  limited to it. It can handle even medium range solid materials but hard enough to handle heavy hammering. Its length usually ranges from 30 cms to 80 cms.

Brick Hammer

brick hammer

A Brick hammer is also known as Stonemason’s Hammer. Its one edge is sharp like chisel and the other edge is flat with some solid body. These two combined is connected to the handle which must atleast have 32 cms in minimum and the maximum size can be the users opinion. This hammer is used to cut off chips and break off even huge parts with low strength easily. This type of hammer is mostly used by Geologists to collect rock and mineral samples.

Linemans Hammer

Linemans Hammer

This hammer has a well balanced body. It is only because the tip of which the main weight  consists of flat metal and equal shape on two sides. It is also equally balanced and is mostly used in major car repair works. It has an incredible balance and temper.

Body Mechanics Hammer

Body Mechanics Hammer

The name Body Mechanics Hammer indicates itself the definition of the hammer. Its main function is to remove dents from car panels and any other light weight strong alloys or metals. It is not usually used as there is curve which can handle only the dents but cannot be used for hammering heavy or medium equipment.

Titanium Framing Hammer

Titanium Framing Hammer

This hammer has a titanium body which is very strong and can be used for all operations from very heavy hammering to extreme light weight hammering but the use of the hammer must be taught only by a specialist. Using this hammer in all the times may cause damage to the product. This can be seen mostly in the eastern parts of the America and Germany as these are the only places where there is a large scope of mechanical and its Technical aspects. This size can be varied up to 16 inches maximum.

Chasing Hammer

Chasing Hammer

This hammer is mostly used for redesigning metal jewellery. It has a big flat shaped on one side and convex bulge on another side. Both are used effectively by the designers to get correct bend and dent where it is required.

Solid Steel Framing Hammer-

Solid Steel Framing Hammer

Its just a one piece hammer, i.e. made out of a metal without mating two parts. Its completely made of hard solid steel and these hammers are used the most only for medium hammerings and also light hammerings. For the most convenient usage, a small rubber grip is provided at the place where handling takes place.

Welders Hammer-

Welders Hammer

Welders Hammer is also known as Chipping Hammer. It is mostly used by welders as it says directly and exactly in name of that tool. Welders Hammer has a small spring attached to it which can be mostly used for the convenience  of the person who handles it and also for the complete or partial removal of heat from the hammer.

Ball Peen Hammer-

Ball Peen Hammer

Ball Peen Hammer is also known as Ball Peen Hammer used mostly in metal working. This type of hammer is similar compared to solid steel hammer but is convenient to have large amounts of pressure even by applying small amounts of force. These are mostly used by people who repair old cars and vehicles.

Tinners Hammer-

Tinners Hammer

Tinners Hammer is a modified form of Ball Peen Hammer. It has its engest flat and sharp which can be used for applying force at a particular point or at a particular line direction. These are not mostly used as many types of hammers can be replaced instead of this hammer.

Prospectors Hammer-

Prospectors Hammer

A rock has a small break on it and it is insanely hard and strong. Using this Prospector’s Hammer, we can break the rock into pieces with a single blow. It can handle all heavy hammerings and take no damage at all. This is a special type of hammer which includes cost next to titanium hammers.

Electricians Hammer-

Electricians Hammer

This type of Hammer has a long tip that the applied force with which the person does, exponates  with the length from which the force is applied. These are mostly used by electricians to drive nails into walls easily. But now a days it became easy with electrical machines.

Dry Wall Hammer-

Dry Wall Hammer

The Dry Wall Hammer looks completely different from others. It can be used to take off nails easily from walls without even ripping a small part of wall or the brick to which the nail is drilled in.

Toolmakers Hammer-

Toolmakers Hammer

It is usually called as 815 tool makers hammer. It is used in almost all the small scale industries where there is a lack of high automated equipment. The hammering can be very precise and in one word, it is a very practical tool which can be made helpful even from any mans desk.

Soft Face Hammer-

Soft Face Hammer

It is usually made of wood, and the tip is made of soft rubber. For hammering delicate nails and small grills, we use soft face hammer. This is very light in weight and can be easily handled.

Tack Hammer-

Tack Hammer

A Tack Hammer is not a special attraction of hammers. It usually has a flat solid surface on one side and a two divided grip on the other side for holding nails and any things in between them. It is essentially a type of horseshoe magnet which takes the nails from place.

Dead Blow Hammer-

Dead Blow Hammer

It can be usually called as a mallet. It is just a specialized mallet which is helpful in minimizing the effects caused by hammering. A delicate and friable surfaces or metals are hard to be hammered and so in those times of work, we can use Dead Blow Hammer with no fear of damage.

Spike Maul Hammer-

Spike Maul Hammer

Its just a hand tool used for driving railroad spikes usually found in railroad track works. This type of hammer is also known as Spiking Hammer. It just strikes all the openings very hard, that it gets removed completely from the rail track and remain soft and flat.

Stone Edge Hammer-

Stone Edge Hammer

A Stone edge hammer doesn’t mean that the hammer consists of a stone as tip. This type of hammer is used for breaking huge stones with ease. With this hammer you can split heavy stones with small effort.

Sledge Hammer-

Sledge Hammer

It is mostly used and seen hammer by most of us. It is a tool with a flat head and also a large head made of metal attached to the wood type handle. Its weight usually ranges from 5 kg to 20 kg depending upon the usability of the hammer and also on the power imparted by the hammer.

Blacksmiths Sledge Hammer-

Blacksmiths Sledge Hammer

It is a slight modified form of  Sledge Hammer. One side of the sledge hammer is made to point and other remain same. It is known as Blacksmits sledge hammer. It is usually designed for shaping.

Bushing Hammer-

Bushing Hammer

Bushing Hammers main use is to decorate the surface or any flat type material with its design and grid on it. These exists in many forms from simple hand held hammers to complex designed hammers. The cost vary depending on the design.

Half Hatchet Hammer-

Half Hatchet Hammer

This Half Hatchet Hammer is also known as Octagonal Pole Hatchet. It has a small and a sharp tempered bit for holding thin lean plated or cutting edges without damage or any breakage.. This tool can also be used for many other applications.

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