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Different Types Of Belt Drives.

Types of belt drives :- Belt drives are used for power transmission from crank shaft of a vehicle or motor pulley to the rear wheel of a vehicle & another pulley respectively. There are different types of belt drives used for all the rotating parts. In that there are many types of power transmitting belts according to usage. These are also used for the controlling the speeds of rotating pulleys i.e., stepped pulleys in lathe machine.

Types of belt drives

Belts are classified in many types according to usage,position,shape like flat, v-belt, round ropes etc., but Belt drives are different from the belts, these are described as the combination of pulleys according to their position and also their carrying or transmitting power from one pulley to another pulley.

Belts drives are classified as
  1. Flat belt drives
  2. Compound belt drives

Flat belt drives

In this flat belt it can transmit the power from one pulley to another pulley where the axes of pullies are parallel to each other. And again these flat belt drives further classified into

1. open belt drive
2. crossed belt drive
3. Quarter turn belt drive

open belt drive

In open belt drive the axis of two pulleys are parallel to each other and there is no need to have same size means required size. open belt drive transmit power by using friction produced between the belt & pulley. The pulley having low surface finish to produce friction. The rotation of pulleys in same direction

Examples:- Belt transmission in automobiles (scooties).

types of belt drives

Click here for open belt drive animation

crossed belt drive

It is similar to open belt drive but the difference between these two belt drives are in crossed belt drive the direction of rotation is opposite to each other. Here the pulleys are set up to offset position. By providing some misalignment between two pulleys.

types of belt drive

Click here for crossed belt drive animation

Quarter turn drive

In quarter turn drive the two axes of pulleys are right angle to each other. These drives are used in industries for parallel power to tangential power transmission.

types of belt drives

Compound belt drives

In these the axes of pulleys are not parallel to each other compound belt drives are shown below and these compound belt drives are used to transmit power in any direction and it uses number of pulleys .

types of belt drive

Click here for Compound belt drive animation

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