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Major causes of water pollution

Causes of Water Pollution –

Our earth consists of more than 75% of water bodies. Even our body is composed of more than 75 % of water. This water is being polluted by many ways and those are discussed in the current post.
There are different causes of water pollution. They are as follows –

  • Sewage and waste water
  • Industrial waste
  • Marine dumping
  • Radioactive waste
  • Oil pollution
  • Atmospheric decomposition
  • Global warming
  • Underground storage leakages

Sewage and waste water-

All the waste water we get in our homes and other areas will be transferred to the river and lakes around the areas. All the waste will be combined with fresh lake and river water thus causing the water pollution. This is the primary cause of water pollution. Though the amount of water waste combined is low, the number of doings is way high.

Industrial Waste –
There are many industries located in our area and each industry must release some waste. Some waste will be water waste and some will be released to air thus causing both water and air pollution. The air gets mixed with water in the form of rain water. In this case, the waste released by industries is high and the number of industries are also too high. Even the plastic waste causes water pollution and thus polluting all the near by rivers, lakes and seas.

Marine dumping-
Marine dumping also has the same concept of the previous waste. When the wastes are taken from one area and then thrown into the sea, it is known as marine dumping. Even some people in the rural areas, gather all the waste in the house and around the house and then dump them in the sea or river near to them. This also causes water pollution.

Radioactive waste –
All the radioactive materials after many tests are a complete waste. There is no use of them after the experiment is complete. Even after the experiment, if they keep the radioactive materials, they are going to emit harmful radiations that causes many diseases. Thus they are being thrown in to the sea. This causes water pollution and the water taken from that area causes many diseases when compared to the wastes when not combined with water.

Oil Pollution –
Oil is not a pollution but the oil mixed with sea water is a huge water pollution. The oil in the sea causes a layer which never proceeds with the oxidation of sea water. So taking the oil from the ocean is not considered pollution but the oil spills make the water pollution. Many fish and marine organisms die because of oil pollution.

Atmospheric decomposition –
Atmospheric decomposition was already discussed in the industrial waste. The air molecules mixes with harmful gases like co2 and other thus causing the rain water completely polluted. This also causes water pollution.

Global Warming –
Global warming is the increase in the temperature of earth and the water. The water gets warmer and so the aquatic organisms die and causes water pollution. This is not the only cause but there are many other problems with global warming.

Underground storage leakages –
When a petrol is transferred through underground, there may be some leak. Though there is no leak, after certain material decomposes and the leakage persists. This causes damage to the environment and this pollution also causes the water pollution.

These are the major causes of water pollution and every one must strive hard to eliminate the water pollution. Once the water pollution gets stopped, entire world will be completely fresh with oxygen and all the living beings can live in peace on the mother earth.

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