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How Nuclear Power Plants Work ?

nuclear power plant

What is a nuclear power plant ? Atomic energy is the cheapest form of energy and is the next generation power. Nuclear power plants use atomic energy. Nuclear Power Plants are thermal power stations which generate electrical energy from heat. They consist of many buildings and facilities. There are many …

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How Long Does It Takes To Charge An Electric Car

How long does it take to charge an electric car

How long does it take to charge an electric car? Electric cars are growing day by day in the current generation. Many car manufacturers like Ford, Nissan, Tesla and Mitsubishi released many small and large electric vehicles. There are many advantages of electric cars. All the pollution, i.e., harmful gases …

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Different Types Of Automobiles

types of automobiles

Different Types Of Automobiles There are many different types of automobiles and can be divided based on many criteria. You can find the different types of automobiles in the below areas. 1. Based on Purpose – Passenger vehicles: Passenger vehicles are used primarily for transportation of passengers, as the name …

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Different Types Of Hammers

Types Of Hammers A Hammer is a basic Mechanical tool which delivers huge impact on use. There are many other definitions of a hammer. Basically, a hammer is a tool which can be used in physical works, a heavy metal mounted to the ends of the handle. Usually we use …

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How Do Wind Turbines Works

workin of wind turbine

How do Wind Turbines Work? Wind mills are also known as Wind turbines. Wind turbines have been helping the humans to effectively convert the energy of the wind to many useful energy forms from the last three thousand years. The conversion of energy began at that time. Not comparing the …

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Different Types Of Hings

TYPES OF HINGES– A Hinge is a type of bearing that is used to connect two objects which has a specific angle of rotation and specific degrees of freedom. Two objects are connected to a hinge on either sides and both of them are capable of movement. Usually, one object …

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How a car engine works

How a car engine works? Before knowing about the working of a car engine, you should know about the question what a car is. A car is a vehicle with four tires and an engine, mostly internal combustion engine and has the capability to carry a minimum of one person …

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Electroslag Welding

What is a SLAG? A slag is a hard or soft stone waste material formed during the refining or forming of core welding. Electroslag welding helps to weld very thick materials ranging from 25 mm to 300 mm. The position of weld may be any type, i.e., horizontal or vertical. …

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ElectroMagnetic Braking System

Electro Magnetic Braking System– What do you know about electromagnetic braking system? It is a braking system that normally uses magnetic power to stop or decrease the speed of the rotation of the wheel. The first idea to develop electromagnetic brakes came only with the demerits and disadvantages of heat …

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