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Different Types Of Screw Heads

screw head type

Types Of Screw Heads Screws are the most common form to connect two plates or any two pieces. Force is applied to the screw with the help of selected screw driver. There are many different types of screw head types. Slotted Screw Head Phillips Screw Head Pozidriv Screw Head TORX …

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Brake Pads and Rotors

Brake Pads are common components of disc brakes mostly used in automobiles and other applications. Brake pads are made of steel that back fitted with plates with friction material which faces the disc brake rotor. The basic function of a Brake Pad is to convert the kinetic energy of the …

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Major causes of water pollution

Causes of Water Pollution – Our earth consists of more than 75% of water bodies. Even our body is composed of more than 75 % of water. This water is being polluted by many ways and those are discussed in the current post. There are different causes of water pollution. …

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Working of Manual Water Pump

manual water pump

Working of Manual Water Pump – As I have told you earlier, water is the only matter available at 70 to 75 percent in both our body and also on our mother earth. We need to drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water per day. Not only drinking, …

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How Nuclear Power Plants Work ?

nuclear power plant

What is a nuclear power plant ? Atomic energy is the cheapest form of energy and is the next generation power. Nuclear power plants use atomic energy. Nuclear Power Plants are thermal power stations which generate electrical energy from heat. They consist of many buildings and facilities. There are many …

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How Long Does It Takes To Charge An Electric Car

How long does it take to charge an electric car

How long does it take to charge an electric car? Electric cars are growing day by day in the current generation. Many car manufacturers like Ford, Nissan, Tesla and Mitsubishi released many small and large electric vehicles. There are many advantages of electric cars. All the pollution, i.e., harmful gases …

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Different Types Of Automobiles

types of automobiles

Different Types Of Automobiles There are many different types of automobiles and can be divided based on many criteria. You can find the different types of automobiles in the below areas. 1. Based on Purpose – Passenger vehicles: Passenger vehicles are used primarily for transportation of passengers, as the name …

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Different Types Of Hammers

Types Of Hammers A Hammer is a basic Mechanical tool which delivers huge impact on use. There are many other definitions of a hammer. Basically, a hammer is a tool which can be used in physical works, a heavy metal mounted to the ends of the handle. Usually we use …

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How Do Wind Turbines Works

workin of wind turbine

How do Wind Turbines Work? Wind mills are also known as Wind turbines. Wind turbines have been helping the humans to effectively convert the energy of the wind to many useful energy forms from the last three thousand years. The conversion of energy began at that time. Not comparing the …

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