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Reaction Turbine Working

Reaction Turbine Previously we learned about Impulse Turbine and Pelton Wheel Turbine. We can even learn about the turbines today but this turbine is used where the water heads are very low or moderate. The Turbine we learn today is Reaction Turbine. Reaction Turbines are the turbines which are mostly …

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What Is A Impulse Turbine And Its Working

Today, you will gain all information about Impulse Turbines and its working. A human heart can be surprisingly replaced with two intrinsically complex turbines. It’s really a mind blowing fact right! Let me introduce the topic with turbine and will further proceed on to the body. A turbine is generally …

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Working OF Babcock And Wilcox Boiler

In the present days, the branch of Mechanical Engineering delves on two majors. The first on the stage in Design and Manufacturing followed by Thermal in the second. As we hear the word THERMAL, the only equipment we get into our mind is Boiler. Today, this post is about Babcock& …

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Electrical Discharge Machining [EDM]

Electrical discharge machining is versatile among all electrical machining methods. EDM is most precise production procedure for creating complicated or elementary shapes, geometrics components and assemblies. Alloys that are employed in aeronautics is also machined conveniently by this procedure. This process has added advantages of being capable of machining complicated components. This machining …

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Different Types Of Belt Drives.

Types of belt drives :- Belt drives are used for power transmission from crank shaft of a vehicle or motor pulley to the rear wheel of a vehicle & another pulley respectively. There are different types of belt drives used for all the rotating parts. In that there are many types …

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