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How to harden steel ?

How to harden steel? What is steel? Steel is hardened by a repeated process of heating, quenching and cleaning. If you repeat the process many times, you can harden the steel. The number of times you repeat the process, the more will be the hardened of the steel. Steel is …

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what is a Lubricant ? Types of lubricants

What is a Lubricant? A lubricant is fundamentally a substance which helps to reduce the friction between two or more surfaces which are in direct contact with each other. The primary purpose of a lubricant is to reduce the friction thereby reducing the amount of heat generated due to friction. …

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What is a Heat Treatment Process ?

What is a Heat Treatment Process ? A Heat Treatment Process or Treating is nothing but heating the metal or material to change its physical properties, sometimes may be chemical and other properties. The most used common place for heat treatment is metallurgy. These are also used in manufacturing of …

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What Is Calorific Value Of Fuel

What is Calorific Value of a fuel ? Calorific Value is defined as the quantity of heat produced for the quantity of fuel used by the combustion. This has to be done at normal conditions, i.e., at constant temperature and constant pressure. The temperature and pressure must be constant at …

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Different Types Of Fluids

Types of Fluids – Matter is broadly divided into gases, liquids, solids, plasma and Bose – Einstein Condensates. But when they are broadly descried, they are classified into the following types. Amorphous solids Super – critical fluids Degenerate matter Super fluid Bose – Einstein Condensate Jahn – Teller Metals Photonic …

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Laws Of Friction

What is friction? Friction is the force that resists the movement always. This is always the resistance of relative motion between two or more objects or surfaces. This can also be occurring between two gaseous layers or two liquid layers. There are many types of friction and each type of …

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what is selective laser sintering?

What is Selective Laser Sintering ? Selective Laser Sintering is a laser integrated process with additive manufacturing technique. Sintering is the process of making the solid very strong by heat by compressing and compacting. There are many sintering techniques like general sintering, ceramic sintering, plastic sintering, pressure less sintering and …

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what is a fuel cell and how a fuel cell work

What is a Fuel Cell ? A fuel cell is a device used to convert the fuel directly into electricity. A fuel cell uses chemical reactions to takes place to generate electricity. A fuel cell consists of a positive electrode called anode and the negative electrode called cathode. The electrodes …

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Classification of Internal Combustion Engines

classification of internal combustion engine

The internal Combustion Engine is a heat engine used for almost all the vehicles, where a fuel with an oxidizer is combusted in the combustion chamber. The mixture will be air – fuel mixture which will be combusted using the help of a spark plug. It can also be combusted …

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