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What Is Projectile Motion, Equations, Formula.

All our efforts led the way to the new inventions and discoveries. Gravity and Gravitational waves are one among the best discoveries ever made. We can find gravity in any part of the universe. Even in the space, we find Huge Black holes with high gravitational force which have a …

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What Is Acid Rain? What Causes Acid Rain

What is rainfall? Rainfall is the precipitation of evaporated water which has been evaporated from oceans, rivers, and lakes. The water is also evaporated from plants and leaves and this process of evaporation is known as transpiration. So precipitation may be in many types namely hailstone,  droplets of water,  snow …

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Methods Of Heat Transfer Conduction,Convection,Radiation

Methods of Heat Transfer– Heat transfer is the exchange of heat or thermal energy between two physical systems with different temperatures. The rate of heat transfer completely depends on the temperature of the two bodies and the medium in which the two bodies are placed. This is the basic definition …

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Simple Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System Design And Components

simple vapour absorption refrigeration system

A simple vapour absorption system consists of an absorber, pump, generator and a pressure reducing valve to replace the compressor of vapour compression system. Another components of simple vapour absorption system are condenser,receiver,expansion valve and evaporator in the vapour compression system. Working of  simple vapour absorption system The evaporator and absorber are …

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