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What is a Kaplan Turbine ?

What is a Kaplan Turbine? Kaplan Turbine is generally a water turbine with propeller having some adjustable blades. It was invented and developed and by Viktor Kaplan, and so the name Kaplan Turbine is given to it. It also has the capability to automatically adjust the propeller blades to achieve …

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What does ASTM stand for ?

What does ASTM stand for ? ASTM stands for American Society for Testing and Materials. It is usually called American Society for Testing and Materials International. This helps to develop and publish the standards of the wide range of materials and products. It also determines the standards of systems and …

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What is a Heat Treatment Process ?

What is a Heat Treatment Process ? A Heat Treatment Process or Treating is nothing but heating the metal or material to change its physical properties, sometimes may be chemical and other properties. The most used common place for heat treatment is metallurgy. These are also used in manufacturing of …

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what is forging process? Types of forging process

What is Forging ? Forging is a process of manufacturing materials from the raw materials. In brief, we can describe forging as a process in which raw materials are heated and molded to a desired shape, which is obtained when cooled. Even a knife is forged from raw material by …

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Types of Welding Joints

Types of Welding Joints – A welding joint is a place where two or more pieces of metal are combined together. The material may be plastic or metal and the welding type depends on the material too. It is said to be a welding joint if at least two pieces …

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Working Of a Pelton Turbine

Now it’s time for you guys to know all about Pelton Turbine. A Pelton Turbine is generally known as Pelton Wheel Turbine, which is generally a tangential Impulse Turbine. Older Turbines used water inefficiently. Pelton Wheel made it to extinction. In approximately 1800’s Pelton was granted patent rights because of …

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Different Types Of Automobiles

types of automobiles

Different Types Of Automobiles There are many different types of automobiles and can be divided based on many criteria. You can find the different types of automobiles in the below areas. 1. Based on Purpose – Passenger vehicles: Passenger vehicles are used primarily for transportation of passengers, as the name …

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What does a catalytic convertor do ?

What does a catalytic convertor do ? We have known about mufflers, exhaust pipes and many other. We do see many cars around us and find many different types of cars. As many cars we see, there are twice and thrice the number of muffler types and the modifications for …

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Gas Tungsten Arc Welding ?

What is meant by Gas Tungsten Arc Welding? It is an arc welding process which is considered best of many welding processes. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding process uses a tungsten electrode that is non-consumable and it produces the weld between the plates. The welding area when reacted to the atmosphere …

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What Is Steel Fabrication ?

steel fabrication

What Is Steel Fabrication Now a days Every structure is being constructed by the high quality metals and materials. The properties to be possessed by the metal are as follows –  Good Formability  Excellent Durability Good Tensile and Yield strength Resistance to corrosion The requirement of the metals used mostly for …

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