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Working Of Gas Turbine Power Plant

Gas Turbine plant is a type of turbine which produces power with the help of air that has completed combustion. Normally there are two types of plants. Base Load plants Peak Load plants. Base Load plants are the type of plants which gives constant load all over the year, so …

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Combined Cycle power plant

Combined Cycle power plant is a type of plant which consists of two or more power plants but consists of only one supply through inlet. The inlet may pass fuel, water or air as per the requirement and type of plant. Combined Cycle power plant has a thermal overall efficiency …

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What Is Acid Rain? What Causes Acid Rain

What is rainfall? Rainfall is the precipitation of evaporated water which has been evaporated from oceans, rivers, and lakes. The water is also evaporated from plants and leaves and this process of evaporation is known as transpiration. So precipitation may be in many types namely hailstone,  droplets of water,  snow …

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Lost Wax Casting Process

Working of Lost Wax Casting Process Lost wax casting is a technique in which we replicate the original metal body of any sculpture and others. This lost wax casting process is also known as Investment Casting. This technique is used in the bronze age and is a very sophisticated process. …

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what is an air bag ? How Do Airbags Work

It is a device that is designed for the safety of the persons in the car when met with an accident in an unnoticeable way. It consists of a flexible fabric type of bag usually known as air cushion. The air bag is designed in such a way that it …

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What is energy ? Different forms of energy

Energy is a term that is generally the property of an object which cannot be changed but can only be transferred from one body to another body. The ability of an object to do work is only due to the presence of internal energy and its conversion of internal energy …

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different types of motion

Before going to know the types of motions, you need to know about motion. A motion is nothing but a change in position of an object with respect to any other object or with respect to time. We classify motion in many terms namely distance which is a scalar quantity, …

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What Is A Hybrid Car? How Hybrid Cars Work

hybrid car

The first type of cars that came to use and existence are the Internal Combustion engine cars. These are prevalent and most widely used everywhere. Although there are many advantages, research has been carried out for the known disadvantages and to cover even some of the disadvantages. The invention of …

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Methods Of Heat Transfer Conduction,Convection,Radiation

methods of heat transfer

Methods of Heat Transfer– Heat transfer is the exchange of heat or thermal energy between two physical systems with different temperatures. The rate of heat transfer completely depends on the temperature of the two bodies and the medium in which the two bodies are placed. This is the basic definition …

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