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Rare Earth Magnets

Rare Earth Magnets – Rare Earth Magnets are special type of magnets, which completely differs from the original magnets other than magnetism. All the rare earth magnets are very strong and flexible permanent magnets which are usually made of alloys of special elements. The elements that must be used in …

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What Is Steel Fabrication ?

steel fabrication

Now a days Every structure is being constructed by the high quality metals and materials. The properties to be possessed by the metal are as follows –  Good Formability  Excellent Durability Good Tensile and Yield strength Resistance to corrosion The requirement of the metals used mostly for the construction and other …

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What is Radiation? Radiation is defined as the emission of electromagnetic waves, especially high energy particles from a body. Radiation is even emitted by all the smart phones we used previously and also now a days. We can find radiation at any place on the earth. Even in places where …

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Lock Out Tag Out

lock out tag out

LOCK OUT When a system emits some energy, that complete system must be given care in all the matters including the space provided, ventilation, tidiness, environment and its surroundings. Lock out is a term used in Canadian standards which is for the control of Hazardous Energy. Lock out is the …

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Types Of Hings

Butt hinge

TYPES OF HINGES- A Hinge is a type of bearing that is used to connect two objects which has a specific angle of rotation and specific degrees of freedom. Two objects are connected to a hinge on either sides and both of them are capable of movement. Usually, one object …

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Different Types Of Automobiles

types of automobiles

There are many different types of automobiles and can be divided based on many criteria. You can find the different types of automobiles in the below areas. 1. Based on Purpose – Passenger vehicles: Passenger vehicles are used primarily for transportation of passengers, as the name itself indicates it. Buses, …

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How a car engine works

car engine works

How a car engine works? Before knowing about the working of a car engine, you should know about the question what a car is. A car is a vehicle with four tyres and an engine, mostly internal combustion engine and has the capability to carry a minimum of one person …

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Electroslag Welding

electro slag welding

What is a SLAG? A slag is a hard or soft stone waste material formed during the refining or forming of core welding. Electroslag welding helps to weld very thick materials ranging from 25 mm to 300 mm. The position of weld may be any type, i.i., horizontal or vertical. …

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Working Of Hand Water Pump

hand pump

A Hand Pump is a mechanical device that uses manual work or operation to pump water or any fluid. Hand pumps are usually observed for pumping under water to the surface of the floor. It is designed in such a way that a human can use this pump and lift …

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ElectroMagnetic Braking System

electro magnetic breaking sysytem

Electro Magnetic Braking System– What do you know about electromagnetic braking system? It is a braking system that normally uses magnetic power to stop or decrease the speed of the rotation of the wheel. The first idea to develop electromagnetic brakes came only with the demerits and disadvantages of heat …

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